about me.


he/him/they/them/it/its. digital vampire. writer, student, programmer, hacker. gay trans man, mlm. respect my identity or eat shit. nineteen years old. scary hacker technoanarchist. anti-nft, anti-cryptocurrency, anti-corporation, anti-tracking, pro-privacy. proud supporter and member of the yesterweb movement. english is my first language. i also speak semifluent french, and some korean. english + gender studies double major student. neurodivergent (specifics are none of your business). favourite movies: re-animator, bride of re-animator, friday the 13th, nightmare on elm street, fight club. favourite games: apex legends, disco elysium, ace attorney, pokemon. favourite literature: "i have no mouth and i must scream", anything queer theory, "a history of my brief body", kafka. favourite music: my chemical romance, nine inch nails, black dresses, will wood, aphex twin, knife party, nirvana, and more. other interests: writing, hacktivism, old web and lost media archiving, hacking, programming, tech, robotics, yesterweb, webpunk, and things that matter. kins: neo (the matrix), jonathan sims (tma), sergey ushanka (tma), crypto (apex legends), dan cain (re-animator)