12/26/2022: and, just like that, the site is done. or, done enough that i'm proud to display it. welcome to my corner of the web.

12/27/2022: the formatting was pissing me off on the about page, so i tweaked a few things. should be good, for now.

12/28/2022: since this site is now officially part of the yesterweb ring, i decided to update the layout. it looks much nicer now! enjoy.

12/30/2022: added a web hit counter, and a logo for the site. it looks rad.

01/01/2023: added a few things on the bottom, including the new "song of the month" and "gif of the month" sections. go check out january's!

01/02/2023: added a warning and entry point, as well as an abundance of new graphics and links.

01/03/2023: got rid of like 90% of the hotlinks on the site. also did some formatting :]

01/20/2023: tweaked my about page to reflect me again :]

01/28/2023: a few cosmetic changes here and there. added an articles page, which i'll add to soon!

02/12/2023: added a kin list and some blinkies ^_^